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Production of moulds for the processing of thermoplastics and thermosets in the tool factory of the Linaset company

On the one hand, more than fifty years of manufacturing tradition, on the other hand, state-of-the-art machinery and design software. It is the production of injection moulds and moulds for direct moulding for the processing of thermoplastics, thermosets, BMC and SMC at the Linaset company. We provide the world's largest industrial companies with a complete service, from development through design to the production of various types of moulds. We are able to produce injection moulds up to a weight of 10,000 kg. However, we produce not only moulds, but also mouldings using them. In our operations, we also finally perform assemblies of individual parts up to the state of final products.

In connection with the production of moulds, we provide a complete service, from 3D design to servicing and testing

For the production of moulds for the processing of thermoplastics and thermosets, we have a number of excellent software tools and high-end machines. Individual projects typically go through the following phases.

Data submission

In order  to create a customer offer we require the construction data to be sent via any of the following platforms: customer server and e-mail. We accept 3D models in the following formats: STEP, IGES, CATIA v5. We accept downloadable 2D data in the following formats: DWG, DXF, CATIA v5.

Development and design of moulds

Based on requirements submitted we create a 3D design of the mould assembly and perform the FMEA mould design analysis ?. We use CADMOULD 3D-F Mouldflow analysis using Cadmould & 3D-F software allows simulations of injection moulding to be performed, through which we can detect potential errors already in the design of plastic parts or dies, thus saving costs and time. Mouldflow analysis determines the optimal location and number of gate openings or reveals points where the air will be closed or where cold joints will be located. Cadmould & 3D-F is also able to calculate the course of filling, temperature on the melt forehead, pressure distribution in the moulding cavity during filling, filling problems, time for demoulding, shrinkage and deformation, temperature of the coolant in the cooling circuit, etc.? software analysis to optimize the inflow system, injection moulding and deformation process. To create project documentation we primarily use state-of-the-art Catia v5 CAD design system as well as Rhinoceros 4.0, Autocad 2006 LT, CadMould 5.0 and ENOVIA DMU 5.2.

Actual production of moulds

In the Linaset tool factory, we can make injection moulds and moulds for direct moulding, from a prototype to moulds for mass production. Moulds are then tested and passed on to the serial production of parts. In the development and manufacture of moulds we use state-of-the-art measuring technology. An overview of types of moulds produced at Linaset is as follows:

  • prototype moulds and moulds for mass production
  • moulds for technically complex parts
  • moulds for 2K injection
  • moulds for parts with inserted components
  • moulds for visual parts
  • moulds for thermoset parts

Service of injection moulds and moulds for direct moulding

Within the maintenance services we provide professional service of moulds for the whole lifetime of tools, repairs of moulds, various works of an industrial nature, testing of forms and laser welding.

Machinery, technology and standards used for mould production

We have the most modern machinery equipment for mould making from the companies Exeron, Roeders, Trimill and Wenzel. Project management and production is supported by the Zwicker. We use normal joining parts especially from the companies Hasco, DME, Meusburger, Strack, and hot systems from the companies Mold Master, Synventive, and Incoe.

Completed projects and references

Injection moulds and moulds for direct moulding from the Linaset company are used for the production of technical moulded parts mainly in the automotive and electronics industries. Typical final products include brake, pedal and wiper systems, lighting equipment for cars, air conditioning, interior parts, contactors, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, boxes and electrical boxes, junction elements and various household appliances. Our clients include leading companies such as ABB, Bosch, Braun, DeLonghi, Hella, Mahle Behr, Marelli Automotive Lighting, P&G, Siemens, UFI Filters, Varroc Lighting Systems, ZKW, etc.

Overview of provided services

  • Manufacture of injection moulds and moulds for direct moulding
  • Service and repairs of moulds
  • Elaboration of technical drawings
  • Processing of Mouldflow analysis
  • Testing of moulds
  • Cooperation in mechanical production
  • Measuring using Wenzel LH ​​87 3D measuring machines
  • Digitization of parts into 3D models
  • Programming for 3D measuring
  • Measuring using the Excel 501 HM optical 2D device
  • Measuring of surface roughness Rz, Ra
  • Further measuring using standard household measuring instruments
  • Output in the form of a measurement protocol, 3D model, or another format as agreed with the client
  • Measurement protocols according to VDA, PPAP standards.
  • Professional help in creating measurement methodology, determining the most appropriate method of measuring

Key competitive advantages

  • Strong and important company with a stable market position and an excellent financial situation. Two production plants.
  • A comprehensive range of services from design through the production of tools and supply of mouldings to assembly.
  • Qualified and experienced staff supported by a sophisticated education system.
  • First-class production equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of presses, Arburg, Engel, Krauss Maffai or Lauffer.
  • Application of modern technologies in the form of e.g. 2K injection.
  • Robust quality system documented by certificates EN ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, EN ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Production and process management using productive methods  TPM, SMED, and more.
  • Great flexibility given by the size of production capacity and the advanced production management system, logistics and supply chains.

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