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We offer you top production capacity in one of the most modern plastics injection plants in the Czech Republic. The new production hall was put into operation in 2018 and expanded the existing production capacities of the Bruntál plant. The hall meets high standards for production quality and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technological equipment. Along with the expansion of production capacities, a new logistics center was built.

Basic operating parameters of the hall

Shop floor area:  4.000 m2
Logistics:3,200 pallet places
Machine capacity: Modern ARBURG, ENGEL and KRAUSSMAFFEI injection moulding machines
Tool service: Part of the production facility is a tool repair shop
Personnel:    We have experienced technical staff

The company also offers the production of injection tools in its own tool plant.

Production hall technical parameters

The modern production hall with a platform divided into 2 naves with a total area of 3,730 m² with a clearance of 11 meters is equipped with the latest ARBURG, ENGEL and KRAUSSMAFFEI injection moulding machines with their own robots in tonnages from 150 tons to 650 tons, which offer the possibility of creating workplaces with automated pressing processes and assembly of plastic parts and sets using 6-axis robots and other automation elements.
There are overhead travelling cranes with a load bearing capacity of 15 and 10 tons installed in each part of the nave. 

The hall is also equipped with a KOCH central drying system outside the production area of the hall; the vacuum line provides the long-distance supply of materials to the presses. The entire system of drying and transport of granules is closed to minimize dust, it is fully automated and is equipped with an economical process control system with maximum drying efficiency associated with protection of the granules against overheating.

The structure of the production hall is made of a reinforced concrete prefabricated skeleton with an external envelope of insulated sandwich panels; roof surface is made of PVC waterproofing foil according to current standards; dust-free epoxy PTQ floor with a load bearing capacity of 10,000 kg/m2; LED lighting technology for even light distribution, 500lx intensity in all hall parts. The ventilation is controlled by means of the MaR system (Measurement and Regulation) and the Hoval - TopVent roof units ensure filtered air exchange in the entire area of the production hall.
All the technologies used together are not only environmentally friendly, but at the same time they present a very stable and clean production environment created with maximum energy savings during the operation of the hall.

Logistics technical parameters

The production hall also includes storage halls with an area of 2,264 m² with a clearance of 13.85 meters equipped with the most modern racking and handling equipment - 2 pcs of system VNA trucks (EKX 516 brand manufactured by Jungheinrich). The speed and accuracy of loading and unloading is controlled by RFID chips and warehouse navigation, incl. connection to internal SW with the possibility of communication with the ERP system for automated warehouse processes. Stock movements are ensured by 4x ramp, by the system of reception on one side of the hall and expedition on the other side of the hall. 
The ventilation of the storage hall is controlled by means of the MaR, we provide the required storage conditions, the system evaluates the set temperature and humidity via sensors.

All buildings are secured by the EPS fire protection system, which is equipped with a new APOLLO F1-18 control and indicating equipment connected by remote transmission to the Fire Rescue Service of MSK alarm response center.

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