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Direct sales of controls, handles, clamping levers and balls

Star-shaped plastic handles with screw

Product NumberNameSize ∅ DThread length L3Price EXW in CZK per 1 pc (from April 15, 2019)
114090025Star-shaped handle with screw M5301219.00 CZK
114090030Star-shaped handle with screw M5301718.00 CZK
114090042Star-shaped handle with screw M5302218.00 CZK
114090026Star-shaped handle with screw M6401420.00 CZK
114090031Star-shaped handle with screw M6401919.00 CZK
114090043Star-shaped handle with screw M6402419.00 CZK
114090027Star-shaped handle with screw M8501721.00 CZK
114090032Star-shaped handle with screw M8502220.00 CZK
114090044Star-shaped handle with screw M8502520.00 CZK
114090028Star-shaped handle with screw M10601727.00 CZK
114090033Star-shaped handle with screw M10602226.00 CZK
114090045Star-shaped handle with screw M10603230.00 CZK
114090029Star-shaped handle with screw M12682433.00 CZK
114090034Star-shaped handle with screw M12683432.00 CZK

Star-shaped plastic handles with nut

Product NumberNameSize ∅ DThread length L3Price EXW in CZK per 1 pc
(from April 15, 2019)
114090046Star-shaped handle with nut M5301518.00 CZK
114090047Star-shaped handle with nut M6401820.00 CZK
114090035Star-shaped handle with nut M8502223.00 CZK
114090036Star-shaped handle with nut M10602526.00 CZK
114090037Star-shaped handle with nut M12682828.00 CZK

Plastic balls

Product NumberNameSize ∅ DThread length L2Price EXW in CZK per 1 pc
(from April 15, 2019)
114090151ball M4x0,70-6H1075.00 CZK
114090180ball M616116.00 CZK
114090179ball M820136.00 CZK
114090158ball M825166.00 CZK
114090173ball M10x1,5-6H3220,58.00 CZK
114090176ball M12x1,75-6H402212.00 CZK
114090177ball M16502819.00 CZK

Plastic tapered handles

Product NumberNameSize ∅ DThread length L3Price EXW in CZK per 1 pc
(from April 15, 2019)
114090221Tapered handle M622177.00 CZK
114090223Tapered handle M826229.00 CZK
114090225Tapered handle M10302711.00 CZK

Clearance sale

NumberNameSize ∅ DThread length LPrice EXW in CZK per 1pc
(from April 15, 2019)
114090231Clamping lever with screw M61910,56.00 CZK
114090235Clamping lever with screw M619155.00 CZK
114090258Clamping lever with screw M123035,511.00 CZK
114090234Clamping lever with screw M12 - red3021,510.00 CZK
114090238Clamping lever with screw M123021,510.00 CZK
114090052Ball M51294.00 CZK
114090247Tapered handle M6 - red22384.00 CZK
114090226Tapered handle M1030568.00 CZK

Purchasing policy:

Goods with a value up to 20 000 CZK are sent C.O.D.

Offered discounts:

Purchase of goods with a total value exceedingOffered discount
50.000 CZK (without VAT)3%
100.000 CZK (without VAT)6%