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Linaset, a.s. introduces its new logo

Dear business partners, colleagues and shareholders, we would like to introduce you to the new trademark of Linaset.

Our company was linked to our old logo for more than 25 years. Throughout this time, the old logo was our trademark. It was widely recognized, not only in the plastics industry, and it represented us well throughout this time. Despite our feelings of nostalgia, we have decided to modernize our trademark. This is in order to better reflect our status as a modern, successful and dynamic company.

To begin with, we requested the company MHA create a new graphic identity for us, which would be attractive, contemporary and at the same time act as a significant form of communication between us and the public. But, we also wanted to link it with the original proven brand, so, in our new logo you will find a distinctive link to our original design.

The result of our collaboration is our new company logo. We will continue to use the capital letter L in a circle either alone or in conjunction with the company name. Whether we managed to fulfil our design aims, you can now see for yourself.

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