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Scholarship program for apprentices and students

Linaset, a.s. company offers corporate scholarships to apprentices and students who are studying or have studied apprentice, college or technical disciplines at universities majoring in chemical-technological, technological, process engineering, material and engineering disciplines.

Size of corporate scholarship:

YearScholarship ( < 1.80)Scholarship ( > 1.80)
12000 CZK / month1800 CZK / month
22000 CZK / month1800 CZK / month
32000 CZK / month1800 CZK / month
42000 CZK / month1800 CZK / month
52000 CZK / month1800 CZK / month

Further conditions for gaining a corporate scholarship will be specified in the grant contract. Applicants for scholarships or other corporate activities supported by the company can contact the personnel department of the company with any requests.

Your questions will be answered by: Jana Haubeltová, tel.: +420 556 317 324personalistika@linaset.cz

Conditions for corporate scholarships:

  • Concluding scholarship contracts
  • Good study results 
  • Completion of compulsory apprentice's experience at Linaset
  • Undergoing students' practice in a minimum range of 1 month per year at Linaset.
  • Elaboration of thesis for Linaset
  • After graduating, work for at least 4 years at Linaset

In addition offers apprentices and students:

  • Company tours
  • Work experience and internships
  • Scholarships
  • Cooperation in developing master's theses.

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